Japan Translation Association


JTA offers seminars in the following areas:

Learning / Qualification / Fun / Lifestyle / Health

All of our seminars are held at classrooms in Kichijo-ji, Japan or online. Zoom (an Internet meeting system) is used for our online seminars, allowing you to interactively communicate from your home. If you use Skype, please consider Zoom as a similar tool to Skype. Zoom is easy to use as long as you have a personal computer and internet connection. We offer instructions on how to use Zoom.

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Past JTA Seminars:

  • Strengthen your Japanese expressiveness for translators
  • Patent translation market (this is the world of patent translation)
  • Work in United States!! Trains and Business visa for people who want to fly in US
  • Global translation market
  • Preparation for legal translation certification examination
  • What is plain English?
  • Manner for cross-cultural communication and living overseas
  • Enjoyable picture book translation
  • US patent for translators