Japan Translation Association


Relationships between countries have become increasingly complex and broad in scope. Communications among industries and fields of specialization have also become closer and more frequent. Under these circumstances, the importance of translation has been increasingly recognized. It is therefore necessary to respond to demands for translation work quickly and accurately, and to ensure top quality in translation.

Japan Translation Association (JTA) was founded with the goal of researching and developing translation skills, training translators, and conducting examinations and certifications related to translation. We also strive to improve the reputation of the translation industry, and contribute to cultural and economic development by promoting the translation industry.


  • Raise social awareness regarding translation.
  • Increase quality of translation by fostering the growth of skills and knowledge.
  • Contribute to cultural and economic development by supporting translators in achieving professional independence.

JTA Activities

1. Fostering Improvement of Translations Skills
1-1 Offering Translations Tests

JTA Certified Professional Translator Test (for English and Chinese)
JTA Certified Translation Project Manager Test (advanced)
JTA Certified Translation Project Manager Test (basic)
JTA Certified Publication Translation Proficiency Test (8 areas)
JTA Certified Business Translation Proficiency Test (4 areas)
JTA Certified Professional Translator Test (basic)
JTA Certified Chinese Translation Proficiency Test (3 areas)
JTA Certified French Translation Proficiency Test (fiction/non-fiction)
JTA Certified German Translation Proficiency Test (fiction/non-fiction)
JTA Certified Plain Written English Proficiency Test

1-2 Conducting Seminars

Seminars JTA has offered include:

  • Strengthen your Japanese expressiveness for translators
  • Patent translation market (this is the world of patent translation)
  • Work in United States!! Trains and Business visa for people who want to fly in US
  • Global translation market
  • Preparation for legal translation certification examination
  • What is plain English?
  • Manner for cross-cultural communication and living overseas
  • Enjoyable picture book translation
  • US patent for translators
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2 JTA Members

This is an online membership where translators and those who seek to improve their translations skills strive to foster their professional growth and development by communicating with other members. JTA Members also supports individuals in their careers. Benefits of membership include:

1) Support for passing “Professional Translator Qualifying Examination” for JTA members.
2) Access to JTA membership website where translation related information and other literature are available.
3) Complete access to the online magazine “The Professional Translator” (TPT).
4) Special discounts for taking examinations and attending seminars.
5) Opportunities to contribute articles to TPT online magazine.

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3. Partners
3-1 JTA Partners

JTA Partners are translation companies, schools and other businesses that work in cooperation with JTA. JTA provides special benefits for JTA Partners such as offering translation examinations and special discounts for attending JTA seminars.
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3-2 Strategic Partners

1. International Exchange, Research Study Business
1) Support translation standards
Participate as a ISO/TC37 council member by voting on various decisions and in taking part in other activities concerning ISO17100 following its enactment.

2) Conduct Industry (publishing, business), translation technology, and translation education research
Work together with Babel University Professional School of Translation (BUPST) in conducting research concerning the translation market and translation skills.

3) Engage in interactions and the exchange of information with other foreign translation/interpretation associations.
Share and exchange information with other foreign associations, as well as cooperate in conducting meetings and seminars.