Japan Translation Association


Certificate of Translation

Japan Translation Association (JTA) hereby announces that JTA is available to issue A Certification of Translation.

The globalization of business activities does not stop. Transfer of people, goods, money, and information beyond countries will never be suspended. Along with this, needs for translation certificates (translation and support by certification) get higher and higher on the following three genre, and have been and is increased largely: Personnel Record, Corporation Certification, and Property Disposition and Management.

In order to solve this problem, it is not sufficient that translation companies and translators respond to the needs.JTA do recognize that this problem shall be responded by an organization like JTA, which is a general judicial corporation for translation field, and decided that JTA isinvolved in issuance of the certificate of translation.

Charge for issuance of translation certificate: \3000 per a copy (without tax)

■ Particularity of Service
* Translators who have rich experiences of and appropriate qualification will provide  the translation.

* When asking a translation, the client is requested to inform to the translator  the purpose of using the translation or person to submit the translation or both.
 The translator will provide a faithful and complete translation which is satisfiable  to the submitted person in important point.

* The translation of the certificates and related materials to be provided for  naturalization application in particular shall be collect and exact.

* Consult with the translator beforehand in case of any Japanese documents  translation other than the certificates to be submitted to the Immigration Bureau.  Those shall be translated in responding to the purpose of application.

■ Examples of Documents for Translation
Translation of foreign language written documents
Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Divorce Certificate, Death Certificate, Certificate of holding marriage requirement, Certificate of residence, Affidavits, Employment Certificate, Employment Contract, Graduation Certificate, Crimeless Certificate.

Translation of Japanese written Documents
Copy of the Family Register, Application of Marriage Register, Application of Divorce Register, Application of Birth, Will and Testament, Certificate of Residence, Certificate of Imposing Residencial Tax, Certificate of Payment of Residencial Tax, Withholding Tax Certificate, Copy of Commercial Resister, Minutes of General Shareholders Meeting, Certificate of Registered Matters on Register, Certified Information of Cause for Registration, Information of Distinguishing in Resister, Medical Certification, Statement of Salary, Curriculum Vitae, Personal Job History.

Preparation of English written Certificates and Agreements
Working Certificate, Retirement Certificate, Working Condition Notice, Employment Contract, Power of Attorney.

Documents relating to Personal
Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Divorce Certificate, Death Certificate, Affidavits, Health Certificate, Curriculum Vitae, Residencial Certificate, Certificate of Studying Abroad. Certified Documents relating to Corporation
Affidavits, Documents relating to Board (Notice, Minutes of Meeting, Documents on Resolution, etc.), Release of Mortgage, etc.

Documents for Disposition and Management of Property
Affidavits (Affidavit for Discussion of Division of Estate, Certificate of no inherited Property, Certificate of being heir, Gift, etc.), Certificate of Registration Matters, Information certifyingCause of Registration, Information for Distinguishing Registration, Real Property Sale Purchase Contract, Lease of House, etc.