Japan Translation Association

About JTA Members

JTA Members is a membership program available online for translators and those seeking to improve translation skills through active participation and networking as members strive to grow and develop in the field of translation. JTA works to support the activities as well as the unique careers of every member.

Benefits of becoming a JTA Member

  • 1) JTA Members accredited translation specialist certification support
  • 2) JTA Member website access, which contains the latest information on translation
  • 3) Access to “The Professional Translator” (TPT), on online magazine for translators
  • 4) Discounts for JTA tests and seminars
  • 5) Opportunity to submit articles for publication in TPT online magazine

Annual Fees
  Japan Overseas
Enrollment fee 2000 yen $25 USD
Annual membership fee 6000 yen $70 USD

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