Japan Translation Association

History of JTA

In October 1986, Japan Translation Association (JTA) was established as an incorporated association under permission of the Ministry of Labor (presently, the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Labor).

In May 2015, due to legal reform of public interest incorporations, JTA was transferred from an incorporated association to a general incorporated association.

Organization Chart

Representative Director: Miyoko Yuasa
Executive Director: Tomoki Hotta
Directors: Miyoko Yuasa, Tomoki Hotta, Takeshi Harada, Yoshiharu Ishida, Tetsuya Ishikawa, Junko Suzuki, Takashi Kosaka.
Auditor: Satoru Eguchi


International relationships have become more intricate and broad in scope. Communications across industries and various fields has also increased and become closer. Under these circumstances, there is an increasing awareness of the importance of translation. It is therefore necessary to respond demands for translation both swiftly and accurately to ensure a high level of quality.

JTA was founded for the purpose of researching and developing translation skills, training translators, and conducting examinations and certifications related to the field of translation. We also aim to improve the reputation of the translation industry, and contribute to society’s cultural and economical development by advancing the translation industry.


•Raise social awareness regarding translation.
•Increase quality of translation by fostering the growth of skills and knowledge.
•Contribute to cultural and economic development by supporting translators in achieving professional


The following are certified JTA tests:
JTA Certified Professional Translator Test (for English and Chinese)
JTA Certified Translation Project Manager Test (advanced)
JTA Certified Translation Project Manager Test (basic)
JTA Certified Publication Translation Proficiency Test (8 areas)
JTA Certified Business Translation Proficiency Test (4 areas)
JTA Certified Professional Translator Test (basic)
JTA Certified Chinese Translation Proficiency Test (3 areas)
JTA Certified French Translation Proficiency Test (fiction/non-fiction)
JTA Certified German Translation Proficiency Test (fiction/non-fiction)
JTA Certified Plain Written English Proficiency Test


JTA holds seminars in the following areas:
Learning / Qualification / Fun / Lifestyle/ Health

All of our seminars are held at classrooms in Kichijo-ji, Japan or online. Zoom (an Internet meeting system) is used for online seminars making it possible to participate online from the comfort of your own home. For those who use Skype, please consider Zoom as a similar tool. Zoom is simple to use for anyone with a personal computer and internet connection. JTA provides instructions on how to use this system.

Seminars we held in the past are as follows:

・Strengthen your Japanese expressiveness for translators
・Patent translation market (this is the world of patent translation)
・Work in United States!! Trains and Business visas for those who want to travel in US
・Global translation market
・Preparation for legal translation certification examination
・What is plain English?
・Manner for cross-cultural communication and living overseas
・Enjoyable picture book translation
・US patent for translators